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Dynamic assignments to keep you energized and inspired (we believe effective learning should still be fun!)
Teachers who are graduates of the world's best universities (Harvard, Yale, MIT, Oxford), happy to share their knowledge
May the force of the Six Elements of Language be with you
to your favorite TV shows, podcasts, TED talks, and audio books. You will also learn to understand different dialects through practice with native speakers from around the world.
with native speakers. You'll learn to express yourself naturally in a foreign language and to avoid common mistakes made by non-native speakers.

some of the best fiction and non-fiction books, essays, and articles. By reading in your target language, you'll learn tons of useful information for your professional and personal development.
Perfect business emails, reports, essays, and short stories, blogs, and notes. Whether you're looking for help writing essays on language proficiency tests or random thoughts for your Instagram - we will be there to help!
expansion with the most effective apps and mnemonic devices! We build word lists together specially for you, tailored for your needs, and we make sure you're able to use them with confidence.
We help you understand these through metaphors, not endless drilling. Deep understandings of the language structure will help you use easily even some of the seemingly complex constructions.
Our Team
Fedor Sokolov
Founder and CEO
The mastermind
With over 16 years of teaching experience, Fedor knows for certain that any foreign language is within everyone's reach - whether you're 5 or 95! He has traveled the world with cultural projects and theatre productions, and currently resides in New York City.

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Andrew Freeburg
English Curator
Yale University
Besides teaching, Andrew has helped establish a cultural exchange between Russian and U.S. theatres. He speaks fluent Russian and helps his students break language barriers in business and informal communication.

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Ali Stoner
Native Speaker
Harvard University
While completing her master's degree at Harvard, her studies took her to Moscow for three months, and she fell in love with Russian culture! Ali works in the NY entertainment industry and has developed a unique course on how to get rid of your Russian accent.

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Mary Musto
English Curator
Capetown University, South Africa
Mary began teaching English at a summer camp in the mountains in Italy. After spending an unforgettable summer the, she returned to South Africa to complete her teaching diploma.

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Anna Muravska
German Curator
Anna works as a German interpreter and leads non-commercial projects as a head of the Hamburg Alumniclub in St. Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg State University
Alisa Zasenko
ELK kids Curator
Currently studying Film Production, Alisa's dream is to become a successful documentary film producer. She speaks three languages fluently and is now learning the fourth one (her final goal is eight!).

University of West London (UWL)
Anastasia Litenko
ELK Kids Curator
Moscow State University
A Montessori teacher for kids ages 0-6, a mommy of two boys (ages 5 and 10). Knows that kids love learning once you find something they are passionate about.

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Anya Solovyeva
English Curator
Saint Petersburg State University
A Fulbright scholar, works with international film festivals, and translates films and series for Netflix. Will get you prepared for any international language exam, including TOEFL and IELTS.

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Caterina Nonis
Italian Curator
Grew up in Milan, Italy, and moved to New York City – where she lives now – to study Theatre and Acting at NYU.

Miranda Haymon
English Native Speaker
Works as a freelance theatre director. Knows German, Spanish, and American Sign Language. Yep, a total nerd!

Wesleyan University
Sarah Paton
English Native Speaker
Got her degree in Comparative Religion Studies and Theatre at Princeton, taught Performing Arts and then got into graduate school at Harvard. Works as an actress in New York.

Princeton University
Harvard University

Nikita Antropov
English Native Speaker
St. Francis University
Will tell you everything about cultural differences, senses of humor, and will share his personal lifehacks after having lived and worked in the USA for 18 years. Lives in New York.

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Amanda Kinney
English Native Speaker
University of Georgia
Will tell you all you need to know about real life in America-- from small talk and elevator pitches to the rules on talking politics, money, racism, and religion without getting in trouble.

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Dasha Velikanova
French Curator
Is sure that le français, c'est facile. Will get you ready for a trip, work on your pronunciation, and will share her life-long love for France and French.

Moscow State University
Anastasia Novichkova
English Curator
Together you will identify the role of language in achieving your life goals. Anastasia will put together a team of teachers and design the roadmap for effective achievement of your language goals.

American University in Dubai
Evgenia Goudieva
Japanese Curator
Tokyo University
Lives in the Land of the Rising Sun. She's developed a course that will help you not only to speak and write in Japanese, but even write poems and songs in this incredible language.

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Dasha Perepech
Russian Curator
Teaches Russian with such a passion that her every student becomes a close friend. It's no secret that Russian grammar can be puzzling for anyone; this experienced teacher will be by your side every step of the way.

Saint Petersburg State University
Natasha Cherkashina
English Curator
Translator in the past, teacher in the present, CELTA holder. Specializes in international exams (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, Pearson)

Anna Brusova
Teacher of English, French, and Russian
Studied and worked in France and the US. Worked at the embassy and traveled constantly. After realizing that she wanted to share her knowledge, she went to get her teaching degree. Has been teaching since 2012.

University of Lyon
Manya Karaseva
Teacher of English, French, and German
Born in Russia, but has lived in England, France, and Switzerland. She currently resides in Berlin, Europe's main city. She works as a teacher and translator, and makes movies in her free time.

London Film Academy
Taylor Gaines
English Pronunciation Teacher
Taylor is a French-English translator and theatre-maker, passionate about cultural exchange! After spending two and a half years in France teaching English and trying to perfect her own accent in French, Taylor loves using her theatre and education experience to help students perfect their accents in English, and feel comfortable expressing themselves in conversation.

University of Virginia
Sevilya Ibragimova
Chinese teacher
Higher School of Economics
Started learning Chinese at school. Graduate of Oriental Studies department in the Higher School of Economics where she also teaches Chinese. Adores Chinese for its aesthetics, depth, and meaning.

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Mikhail Podonin
English Curator
Fluent in 4 languages. Creator of intensive language courses in English, Spanish, Italian, and French.

Kemerovo Pedogogical University
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Success stories
Pasha Golovkin
Former Co-Founder & Art Director at Firma
Red Dot Design Award Winner
ELK lessons not only helped me to become confident in using the language but also helped me to adapt to living in the US; I feel like I belong to the new culture. After covering my grammar gaps, I started working on my pronunciation with Ali Stoner, an actress and a Harvard graduate. Then Amanda helped me to become much more confident with small talk. I am very grateful to ELK Academy for all the support provided during my first year of living in New York!
Sasha Zavatskii
Creative, Design & Direction
at Friends Moscow
I tried to start learning English many times, but always got disappointed and gave up. I never found it interesting to learn texts like "London is the capital..." but here they use a completely different approach. All the lessons are built around my goals and interests. We check my business emails, prepare for pitches, discuss ideas for new campaigns. In just a couple of months I saw more progress than I ever had in my whole life.
Misha Borodin
Former developer at Google
Works at Amazon
When I received an interview to work at Google, I realized that I struggle to explain nuances of my projects or to express my opinions about technology. Fortunately, a friend of mine suggested taking the course. I picked up the necessary vocabulary and practised thoroughly in tenchonology/interview specific conversations. One of the best investments in my life, I got the job of my dreams!
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About the lessons
Individual Lesson
with your personal curator, covering the essentials of grammar and vocabulary. Centered around you, your interests, and your goals throughout the course.
Immersion Lesson
with native speakers from the USA, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia, and other countries to provide insight into English-speaking culture
Paired Lesson
with a student of your level, debating a topic of common interest. Should people colonize Mars? How can we improve education? Perhaps, iPhone vs. Android...you choose!
Round Table Lesson
with 4-5 students and a native speaker, presenting a topic for debate, varying from international travel to politics. Moderators and topics constantly rotate
ELK Happy Hour
— an online party with a curator and 4-5 students of the similar speaking level. All participants will share brief self-presentations created with their curator throughout the course. We'll meet each other, chat, share our plans and passions, love stories, make new friendships and at the end of the session — we will toast to your success!
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